Pregnancy Warm Up – YouTube Video

I am currently 34 weeks pregnant with my second baby and I have done my best to exercise as much as I can! It usually isn’t easy. Especially when my stomach is the size of a beach ball. Heck, it’s even difficult rolling out of bed! But as I have been more dedicated to exercise I have been seeing a pretty big improvement in my physical abilities! Yeah, it’s hard to tie my shoes and wash the dishes but my body (especially my muscles but it also helps a lot with joints as well!) have been feeling pretty good! I specifically see an improvement in my walking up the stairs abilities. In fact, I have an easier time walking up the stairs in my third trimester than I did in my first and second trimesters! I have always enjoyed exercising particularly in the mornings. It give me energy throughout the day and I feel that I start my day on a good note. After I had my daughter in March 2014, I got a bit lazy. I worked out some but not consistently. When I found out I was pregnant I still worked out some but not as much as I should have. In my second trimester I decided that if I want to have an easier and stronger pregnancy I’d better workout regularly. So I started exercising 2-3 times a week and then 4 times. Now I workout 4-5 times a week! As long as your midwife or doctor give you the OK then I suggest you exercise a few times a week. It seriously helps!

In this post I’m uploading my favorite warm up video. I like to warm up before every exercise.

Why is warming up important? Well, here are some reasons!

  1. It lubricates your joints to make it easier and less painful during movements
  2. Lowers chances of injury
  3. You have a greater range of motion
  4. Increases your blood flow to prepare for the workout to come
  5. Helps you to mentally prepare for the workout

I really enjoy this warm up and I hope you guys too!

Warm Up Video

Stay tuned for more exercises to come!

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