Pregnancy Strength Workouts – YouTube Videos

Reasons why strength exercises are so beneficial:

  1. Having a strong pelvic floor and abs can assist you during labor especially during the pushing phase
  2. Prepare you body for carrying baby, carseat, diaper bag, ect.
  3. Give you muscle tone (of course! 🙂 )
  4. Controls excessive weight gain
  5. Supports the spine and helps maintain good posture

Here are my favorite strength exercise videos! The first video was mostly great in my first and second trimesters. But in my third it’s harder so I do it less. But all the other videos are great for all trimesters! I usually like to use 3 lbs, 5 lbs, or 8 lbs weights.


Freedom Fitness – Best Pregnancy Workout at Home 


What To Expect Workout – Buns in the Oven


Heidi Klum Prenatal Workout, Andrea Orbeck Fitness, Class FitSugar


Leg and Butt Workout, Prenatal Fitness, Class FitSugar


10-Minute Arm Workout, Safe for Pregnancy, Class FitSugar


Dr. Cathy – Pregnancy Exercises – Back and Butt


Dr. Cathy – Pregnancy Exercises – Chest and Triceps


Dr. Cathy – Pregnancy Exercises – Biceps and Legs


Dr. Cathy – Pregnancy Exercises – Shoulders and Obliques


Exercise for Pregnancy: Free Full Length 20-Minute Prenatal Total Body Strength Workout

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