Baby supplies can be so expensive! Especially diapers. The average cost of disposable diapers from birth to potty training is about $2,000! That’s a lot of money. Money that I can’t afford to spend. My husband brought up the idea of using cloth diapers before I had my first baby and to be honest I was against it. I didn’t want to deal with nasty gross poop… Just the whole idea did not appeal to me at all! But once I did some research and tried some cloth diapers from a friend, I decided that it wasn’t actually that bad. In fact, I have become strangely obsessed with cloth diapers! Probably only cloth diapering mamas would understand ūüėČ

Now I want to add real quick that I am in no way a cloth diapering master! I am just a mom who has cloth diapered for over a year and wants to help those who have no experience. Cloth diapering can be intimidating at first but once you get a hang of it, it’s easy peasy!

First of all, if¬†you want to go as cheap as possible, then I suggest using covers with pre-folds and/or flats. ¬†I have not personally used flats, but I’ve heard they work well and are cheap. I’m going to be linking to covers that will fit babies from basically birth to potty training (around 8lbs-35lbs) because you want the diapers to last as long as possible! recommends 6-8 covers for newborns, 4-6 for an older baby, and 2-3 for toddlers. So I’d guess you’d want to get around 6 covers.

Also I will be putting up diapers that have great reviews. I would stay away from China cheapies because they aren’t that reliable (in my experience and many others). Yes they are cheap but in my opinion it is not worth it. They wear out very quickly and the water proof material isn’t so water proof… One more thing, you may want to try a few different brands. Every brand will fit your baby differently and you may want to find what works best for your little one.

Below are the links to what I have found! Side note:¬†I have only used the Rumparooz cover (and I really like it)! I mainly use pocket diapers (bumGenius 4.0). But like I said before these cover had received awesome reviews ūüôā

Cloth Diapering on a Tight Budget


Flip Cover – $14.95+

Side note: I LOVE bumGenius and Flip is made by them so I would assume that these covers are amazing!

Rumparooz Cover – $14.00+

Grovia Cover – $16.95+

Blueberry Cover – $18.95+

Thirsties Cover Р$12.95+

Side note for Thirties: These come in 2 sizes: size one and size two. Size one fits babies from 6-18lbs and size 2 fits from 18-40lbs. Thirsties is a great diaper¬†brand,¬†but on the down side once your baby gets over 18 pounds you’ll have to buy new diapers.

Best Bottom Cover – $16.95+

Econobum Cover Р$11.95 also here is link to an Econobum cover with 3 pre-folds ($17.00)!

Here is a link to some other budget friendly diaper covers.


OsoCozy – $12.99 for 6

Gerber ‚Äď $11.70 for 5


Gerber – $12.35 for 10

Osocozy – $19.25 for 12

Oscozy ‚Äď $12.99 for 6

Birdseyes – $25.99 for 12

If you want to go even cheaper and don’t mind used diapers, then I would suggest you shop on eBay and Craigslist. There are also Facebook pages to buy/sell/trade (b/s/t).¬†Here’s the Facebook page to Cloth Diaper B/S/T.

If you want to try cloth for nighttime¬†a recommend adding¬†a Thristies hemp insert¬†($9 for 2 inserts) to the diaper. I’ve been using these since my daughter was 2 months old and I love them! I’ve been using them every night. I now have 4 of them which is perfect since I wash my diapers every 2 days.


For wipes¬†I just use baby wash cloths but there’s a few ways you can do this.

  1. You can buy cheap fabric somewhere like JoAnn’s. I liked fleece¬†because doesn’t fray.¬†This is definitely the cheapest way!
  2. You can buy brand wipes but that’s probably the most expensive way.
  3. Baby wash cloths, which is what I prefer! I got some cheap ones are Ross.

I would recommend around at least 20 wipes. Here’s some cheap wash cloths on amazon:

Luvable Friends – $5 for 12

But I bought 24 wash cloths at Ross for $5!

Ok so we have¬†covers, pre-folds, flats and wipes handled. Now we need a place to put the dirty diapers! You’ll either need a wet bag or a diaper pail. I have a diaper pail with a pail liner. It works great for me! I’ll post it below. Anyway, here are some options for you!

Wet Bags

Platet Wise – $22+

Logan & Lenora – $35+

Large Wet Bag – $19.99 (this one says it’ll hold 20-25 diapers!)

Diaper Pails

Odorless Diaper Pail – $60.

This is the pail that I have. I wanted something large because I assumed I would have 2 in diapers someday (and I was right!). It is expensive but it works great!

Diaper Pail Liner – $14.95

Another liner Р $12.95

So in conclusion! Let’s say you bought:

6 covers for about $15 each = 90

24 pre-folds for about $12 a set = $48

A pair of Thirsties hemp inserts for the heck of it = $9

1 yard of fleece fabric for wipes = $10

Wet Bag = $20

Adding all this together equals to $177! Compared to $2,000! That is amazing!!¬†So if you are looking to save lots of money, then I highly suggest you cloth diaper! Even if you were to buy more expensive brands and different style diapers, you’d be saving lots of $$$$$!

Cloth Diapering on a Tight Budget

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